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Social Sites

·  The Hunger Site, please use this as your startup page

Programming Sites


·  Newmat, a C++ matrix computation library from Robert Davies (and other things)
·  Scott Heiman, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, OpenGL, framework independent (no MFC, VCL or OWL)
·  Intel Performance Library Suite, a must have for DSP on Intel platforms
·  Numerical Recipes Home Page, the Art of Scientific Computing

C/C++ related sites

·  C/C++ Users Journal, the journal site
·  CodeProject, a lot of source code (mainly MFC) and tutorials
·  CodeGuru, tons of code for MFC programmers
·, a lot of answers to your questions
·  The Boost web site provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries
·  STLPort, a free and highly portable STL implementation.
·  Guru Of The Week, a regular series of C++ programming problems created and written by Herb Sutter
·  C++ Zone, another C++ expert site
·  Advanced Object Oriented Techniques In C++ , a good C++ course on-line

OWL (Object Windows Library)

·  OWLNext, a freeware upgrade to Borland Object Windows Library (now hosted by Source Forge).
·  Jogy Site, a lot of very interesting stuff about OWL, OWLNext, BC 5.02 script, bcc55 free Borland Compiler, etc...
·  Jean Paul Molina, OWL FAQ, Freeware and Shareware Code
·  Giuseppe Joe Parrello, Rich Edit, Font Preview, etc...
·  Scott Heiman, Direct X code with OWL, TIFF, JPEG, Formula One, OpenGL, etc..
·  Alan Chambers, Office ’97 Style Toolbar, and more code
·  Dieter Windau, a lot of excellent source code
·  OWL HOW, tutorials, code and more
·  John Maddock, OLE Proxy Wizard, etc..
·  Paul Pedriana, OWLSock class library
·  NSN Software, glyph buttons, color pick dialog, etc..
·  Geordie's code samples, something about OWL, CORBA, Borland Tools, MFC and VCL


·  MemProof, a FREE heap memory and resource 'leak' debugger for Borland's family of compilers.
·  Dependency Walker is a free Microsoft utility that scans any 32-bit or 64-bit Windows module (exe, dll, ocx, sys, etc.) and builds a hierarchical tree diagram of all dependent modules.
·  Sirma Technologies, about how to use the old BC502 and the free new Borland BCC55 compiler together and more.
·  VIDE, a freeware editor that can be used with several command line compilers, including the free Borland BCC55.
·  Bloodshed Dev-C++ is a full-featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the C/C++ programming language. It's free!
·  Helmut Pharo Web Site, get started with Borland's free C/C++ commandline tools.

Guru Sites

·  Bjarne Stroustrup (english).
·  Matt Pietrek (english).
·  Jeffrey Richter (english).
·  John Robbins (english).
·  Carlo Pescio (english/italian).
·  Herb Sutter (english).
·  Scott Meyers (english).

Other programming stuff (HW programming, etc..)

·  Jan Axelson's Lakeview Research, tons of code about USB, Parallel port, Serial port programming, etc..
·  Compuphase. Several powerful techniques related to graphics.
·  Michael Fötsch, articles and tutorials about DirectX 8 programming with special Borland libraries.

Web Related Sites

·  Animation Factory, a wonderful site for Web Resources

Brain Computer Interface Sites

·  Wadsworth Center, the Jonathan Wolpaw Group, and the BCI2000 project.
·  University of Technology Graz, the Gert Pfurscheller Group.
·  Joint Research Center, ISPRA, the José Millan Group.
·  William D. Penny, many useful BCI links.

Human Physiology

·  Fisiologia Umana, Roma



·  A. C. Milan


·  Chick Corea, what can I say about him?
·  Howard Jones, the Synth Jocker
·  Dave Weckl, the Drummer
·  Avion Travel, probably the best Italian group
·  Bee Gees


·  MidiFarm, do you have a MIDI device?


·  Zooming (Italian)


·  La Pancera in movimento (Italian)
·  Windows98 source code (from “La Pancera”, English)
·  The evolution of a programmer (from “La Pancera”, English)
·  WinErrors (from “La Pancera”, English)


© Copyright (2000), Luigi Bianchi
Last Update: January 18, 2003